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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30: Pruning

"Define what you are shooting for,
and then prune against that standard.
That is when vision, goals, and even teams
begin to take the shape that you desire."
~ Henry Cloud, Necessary Endings

Pruning . . . God prunes away what is good but not best, what is sick and not getting better, and what is dead. 

Pruning can apply to an organization, to relationships, and to communication. God has pruned my ministries, my relationships, and an organization I am part of. God prunes so that we can produce more fruit. What is the fruit God wants to produce? 

Pruning leads to having enough, to having what is needed, what is used, what is best . . . but no more.

Are there things that need to be pruned from your life 
so that you can see what is best, not merely what is good?


  1. Yes, yes. But oh the pain as He does so ...

    1. Aye, Linda! 'Tis true that it is a painful thing to go through the pruning . . .