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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

Small . . . kittens . . . babies. So many babies have been born to people I know recently. Most of those births have brought great joy, but some have brought sorrow and anxiety even loss.

Babies come into our world small, helpless, defenseless and we love them, we long to care for them to see them grow to maturity to live a full and beautiful life. When one is taken from us, the loss seems impossible to bear, the questions endless, and the pain unendurable. People I care about are going through this right now and there are no words to comfort them, nothing to say to answer the heart-wrenching "why" that nags at our souls. Yet still God is good. Still God loves. So I ask him to heal this broken-hearted family and the people who love them.

Five Minute Friday