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Why Emerging Butterflies?

"Emerging Butterflies" comes from the heart of a woman who, as a little girl, lost her sense of security and identity. For years I saw myself as little more than a caterpillar. BUT GOD had other plans and by His grace He has led me on a journey of transformation. Now, I long to encourage others, who have been wounded and broken by life, to emerge as strong, beautiful creations of God.

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"The caterpillar must yield up the life it knows and submit to the mystery of interior transformation. It emerges from the process transfigured, with wings that give it freedom to fly. . . . A rule of life gives us a way to enter into the life-long process of personal transformation. It disciplines help us to shed the familiar but constricting 'old self' and allow our 'new self' in Christ to be formed -- the true self that is naturally attracted to the light of God." ~ Marjorie Thompson, Soulfeast

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