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Hi. My name is Dar. I am a Christian Life Coach specializing in spiritual development and grief.

For over 30 years I’ve partnered with women and men to help them resolve personal conflicts, make important decisions, develop professionally, find solutions to personal problems, and grow in their faith. I have a Bachelor’s of Religious Education from Davis College with a majors in Bible/Theology and Christian Ministry.

What are the benefits of having a coach?
Olympic athletes, actors, musicians, writers, and business professions often hire a coach to help them improve in their chosen field. Having a coach is for anyone who wants to improve their life.


  • are a sounding board.
  • are a source of support.
  • direct you to resources.
  • provide perspective and accountability.
  • help you identify what you want and why you want it, the barriers standing in your way, and help you break down the process into workable phases and steps.
  • help you focus your attention and energy on accomplishing your dreams.
  • use a wide variety of tools and techniques to assist you.
Coaching provides a one-on-one opportunity to be heard, known, and encouraged. 

Why would you choose me as your coach?
·         I am a caring, confidential listener focused on helping you find solutions for your challenges. I will partner with you to help you find the best solution for you—no cookie cutter solutions, but the one that fits you.
·         My life’s journey has led me through physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational challenges and losses. Sometimes I have failed and sometimes I have succeeded, in all of my experiences I have learned helpful lessons. That experience and those lessons will be a valuable resource to you as we partner together.
·         I want to see you successfully reach your desired destination. I am interested in your hopes and dreams and helping you overcome the obstacles that keep you from seeing them fulfilled. I will help you plot a course, cheer you on, ask questions, suggest resources, and encourage you in your journey.

How long will our coaching relationship last?
Coaching partnerships vary in length based on your individual goals and needs. Some partnerships last only a few weeks, while others may last months or even a year. You decide on the length of the partnership according to your personal goals and requirements.

What types of coaching are offered?
I offer four types of coaching: Christian Life, Spiritual Development, Grief, and Single Life
  •  Christian Life Coaching addresses a variety of life issues from a Christian perspective. If you are facing a life transition, wrestling with a decision, or feeling like you're stuck and want to get moving again, this is the match for you.
  • Spiritual Development Coaching is for women and men who desire to grow in your relationship with Christ or who are wrestling with what God wants you to do next.
  • Grief Coaching is for those who want a companion and guide as you navigate the deep waters of loss and mourning. I will be here to hear your story, to help you sort through how to keep going, and in time to assist you in moving purposefully into the future.
  • Single Life Coaching is primarily for women. It is for those who are single again and want a companion to help you plot a course through the sometimes scary world of handling things on your own. It is also for those who have never been married and want to find peace and fulfillment in a circumstance you didn't choose.

How will we meet?
We will meet primarily via phone supplemented by e-mail. For local residents, in person meetings are an option.

What are the benefits of coaching over the phone?
Coaching over the phone is a flexible, private, and convenient venue to receive professional help from anywhere around the globe.

What are the fees for the coaching sessions?
$50 per each 45 minute session – 3 email contacts are included with each session