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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Handmade Gifts - Week Three

Christmas is now just one short week away. I am dashing to and fro with not one, but multiple to do lists that all seem too long. But in the midst of this hustle and bustle I want to pause for a moment and remember a few more handmade treasures that grace my home and the beloved people who made them for me.

The first is a handmade, prayer shrug. A few years ago our pastor's wife initiated a prayer shawl ministry at our church. Women from our church joined together to knit or crochet prayer shawls, lap blankets, baby blankets, scarves, hats and prayer shrugs to be given to people in times of difficulty and heartache. When this couple left our church about a year ago, Mrs. Pastor (as she was sometimes affectionately known) gave me a beautiful prayer shrug that she had crocheted. I often wear it on cool mornings while I am having my quiet time. I appreciate the beauty of the gift and the meaning behind it, and even more the prayers that I know this dear woman and her husband have prayed for me in the past and continue to pray for me still.

Another friend made me several painted items that I enjoy and appreciate. One is a wall-hanging with the verse "Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you" inscribed on it surrounded by cheerful flowers. The second is a heart shaped box, painted a cream color with a lovely floral design on the top. And last but not least is a little friend that comes out at this time of year and stays around until spring - a fun snowman that keeps me company and brightens my day through the long winter days.

Do you have homemade decorations that grace your home?
What are they like? Who made them for you?


  1. I have a multitude of homemade gifts from my various family members and I treasure them, especially as much of my extended family has passed on. I have been enjoying your series on homemade gifts because I can look to so many places in my home and see something someone lovingly made me. Right now, I am enjoying the Christmas decorations made for me, such as ornaments on my tree. My Mom painted me a wooden-bear cutout when I was a baby to commemorate my first Christmas. She kept up the tradition by cutting out wooden bears for my kids as well and painting them. The other decoration that is truly special to me is my Christmas stocking which my Great Grandma quilted for me (she made one for every grandkid). My Mom sewed one in the same fashion for my husband and has since then also sewn the quilt-style stockings for our children as well. As I hang them each year, they serve as a fond reminder of not only my Great Grandma but also my mother. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing Honeybee! Yes, homemade gifts are such a wonderful expression of love. The wooden bears and quilted stockings sound like special heirlooms to keep loved ones close, even though they may be physically far away. I'm so glad that you've stopped by and that you've enjoyed this series.