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Friday, November 22, 2013

Freedom to FLY
Chains . . . bars . . . painful memories hold us a prisoner to the past, but we can FLY to Freedom. When the past and it's difficulties hold us captive, there is a way to release the chains, throw open the bars and soar in Freedom.

Forgive. People have hurt us. People have done wrong to us. Things have happened, unforgiveable things have been done. Forgive. Forgiving does not say that what they did was okay, only that we will not seek revenge, only that we will not let it hold us captive any longer.

Let go. The past can wrap us up in bitterness. Let go. Rather than hold a grudge, let it go. Rather than rehearse the bad things done, let it go. Rather than nurse our right to revenge, let it go as an act of forgiveness.

Yield. Yield to the Savior who has paid for the sin of those who've hurt us and for our sin. Yield our well-being to Him and allow Him to bring us into freedom, into a place where there is something new, something beautiful. Yield to the peace and joy and love He longs to give us.

FLY - Forgive - Let Go - Yield
And FLY to Freedom

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  1. Rather than rehearse the bad things done, let it go. Very good Darlene. Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you for stopping in Wendy! So glad to hear from you!

  2. So true: forgiveness does allow us to fly in freedom. Thank you for this reminder & illustration. (Visiting from FMF.)

    For some reason it's taken several tries to comment. I see my name below now, so I think this will finally work, but I've signed into both Google Plus and Blogger in order to get it to go thru to you. (just in case you're not receiving comments that might be why)

    1. Hi April, so nice to have you drop in for a visit. Thanks to for the heads up about the comment field. I appreciate the info!