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Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Tree . . . the one with the rope swing

Here we are on yet another early Friday morning, meeting with one another to write for five minutes, on one topic, little editing, no planning, just writing. Thank you Lisa Jo for hosting this party week after week and for inspiring us to write.

Ready . . . set . . . write . . .

When I saw the prompt many trees came to mind: the tree with the rope swing, the tree of Calvary, the row of graceful, ancient maples that arched over the country road in front of my childhood home, the apple tree out back that I loved to climb. As a child who grew up in the country and had a father who ran a sawmill, trees were a treasured part of my life. But the prompt said, tree . . . singular, so I will choose one tree. The tree with the rope swing.

In our yard, in front of a large, 1800's farmhouse stood a beautiful maple tree with a branch that was perfect for a rope swing with a wooden seat. I loved that swing and that tree. As a child I would spend part of many a day swinging on that swing, my legs pumping, leaning back my arms extended, and then pulling forward to gain momentum. Swinging high, looking up at the leaves high over my head.

Sweet memories of a beloved tree . . . and of the man who tended that swing and made sure it was safe and ready for me to use . . . my dad.



  1. Sweet! Sweet Memories! What a great day you had! My MIL and FIL planted an apple tree that grew and grew - and then they hung a tire swing in all the grandchildren and great grandchildren love:)

    1. So glad that the grandchildren and great grandchildren have this place to play! A wonderful piece of childhood to cherish!

  2. So many tree options out there to write about! I love your choice! The one that brings back your childhood memories is always fun!

    -stopping in from Lisa Jo's FMF!

  3. Hi Boni Lady, thanks for dropping in and for the encouraging words.