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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Willing

Buried somewhere in my cache of often forgotten cassette tapes is an album by Joni Eareckson Tada. Joni broke her neck in a diving accident in her late teens and from that moment until today she has been a quadriplegic. God has blessed her with a powerful ministry. Her story was gaining notoriety when I was in my teens and early twenties and I quickly became a fan. She published an album of herself singing songs. One of them, and the only one I truly remember, is called "I am Willing, Lord."

I can still hear her clear voice singing . . .

"Sometimes when I am down, Oh Lord,
And I don't feel like You're around, Oh Lord,
Feeling so sorry for me . . .

"I am willing, Lord.
I am willing, Lord, 
To be just exactly what You want me to be"

As a starry-eyed, romantic young girl I thought this was beautiful song, but I really had no idea what the crucible is like that forms us into what God wants us to be. I thought I was willing.

Now, as a mature woman, I have a much better idea of what that journey involves . . . the crucibles through which we grow, the pruning that must take place, the heartaches and the joys that ebb and flow. I find now that mostly the stars are gone from my eyes and reality has replaced romanticism, yet still I am willing, and even more than willing. I long to be exactly what God wants me to be. It is a sweet spot like no other.

If you'd like to hear Joni sing this song, click here.

Are you willing to allow God to form you into what He wants you to be? 
Where has that journey taken you and have you found it worthwhile?


  1. YES! I am willing LORD! Through "the heartaches and joys that ebb and flow". I love that image! It is so the way God works, isn't it? He wants a willing heart no matter what is going on around us. Being willing is definitely a sweet spot like no other! Thank you! I needed these words today. :)

  2. Hey Darlene... thank you so much for this post... the whole theme of 'testing' and 'refining fires' is really what God's teaching me about at the moment - so your words have really struck home. Those words 'I am willing' are often spoken glibly, and lived out at a precious cost. Ruth