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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Visit

On Fridays a lot of people join Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing, without pressure to get it all right, a time to just write for 5 minutes. This week's word (although I'm a day late to this party) is "Visit."

Read . . . set . . . write . . .

This morning the phone rang and I saw a friendly name on the ID screen . . . a family member, one of my sisters. I picked up the call and we had a visit, not face to face, but a time to catch up, to hear a dear, familiar voice. Visiting with one sister, led to a visit with another sister and then my mom. All by phone.
These days it seems many, too many perhaps, of my visits are by phone. We live far apart and getting together amidst busy schedules becomes increasingly difficult with both family and friends. Yet, I am thankful for this invention of the telephone, as well as, I might add, e-mail and Facebook. Although there is no substitute for a face to face visit, these little mini visits by phone or via the internet, help us stay connected and involved in one another's lives . . . a very valuable thing indeed.



  1. Hello FMF neighbor :) So true that our busy lives make it hard to stay connected with loved ones. Glad you got to have such great visits with family! Such a blessing to have those conversations and stay invested in one another's lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "visit"!

  2. For sure, this was a good day to stay inside, keep warm, and catch up on the phone with loved ones!

  3. Your post was perfectly timed. I have a good friend who lives 15 minutes away, and because of her illness and mine we only talk by phone. We are planning a girls weekend out, but between the two of us it will be a miracle if we find a weekend free and well. It is truly a blessing and a curse to have so many other ways to communicate. A blessing because we can communicate regardless of our circumstances, a curse because we rely on it far too much. ...
    And apparently, judging by the length of my comment, I need to get out more. lol |

    Visiting from FMF.