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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Clutter Buster Challenge

Back on April 29th Money Saving Mom invited all her bloggy friends to join in her in a Clutter Buster Challenge for the month of May. The challenge was to rid your home of 7 items each day for the entire month.

Well, my invitation was late, so I didn't find out about the challenge until most of May was done. However, I knew how desperately I needed to accept this challenge, so I decided even though it meant being incredibly late to the party, I would accept this challenge, but for June. Well . . . actually, not just for June, but also for July and August. So far so good. June is recently ended and it's time to report how I did.

I donated 21 books, 12 foam craft sheets, 15 corrugated craft sheets, a bin of foam letters, 7 Happy Birthday pencils, and 4 red pencils to a local Christian school.

41 files of outdated financial records hit the shredder to be taken to the recycling center.

23 defunct writing utensils were thrown out.

13 pen and pencils were donated to my church's Jr. Church program.

Approximately 750 pictures from my picture file were recycled.

247 documents were recycled.

20 sewing patterns will be sold at a garage sale or donated to a worthy charity.

An old Pledge sweeper hit the dust and went the way of the trash.

3 calendars were recycled.

5 Ink cartridges are marked for recycling.

514 pieces of paper were recycled.

14 packages of craft supplies are headed for a garage sale.

39 greeting cards were donated.

12 books set aside for a garage sale.

5 gift bags thrown away.

3 gift bags set aside to sell.

3 gift bags recycled.

Total number of items decluttered = 1,753

Whew! My office space feels lighter! Now onto other parts of my home.

What clutter have you removed lately? or what clutter do you need to remove?

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